How to be more productiveIt’s true that struggling bloggers can get more done in a day if they have a part-time job.

While that clearly sounds counter-intuitive at best, or the rantings of a mad man at worst, I’ve found this to be completely true.

You see, when you have the whole day to waste away, you tend to do just that – waste time. It’s easy to procrastinate and rationalize because you have the whole day to get stuff done.

Of course, it either doesn’t get done, or you do a crappy job of it.

When you only have a few hours to work, you’ll work 10 times harder to get stuff done, and your laser-focused brain won’t let you do anything but finish your tasks. It’s actually pretty awesome.

Don’t believe it? Think back to high school for a moment – hopefully not spent head-first in trash cans – and remember when you had assignments due.

You would get more done the day before it was due than in the 2 weeks leading up to it.

Same exact annoying principle.

And, here’s the secret sauce (mmmmm…. secret sauce) to get crud done:

1. Analyze the activities that produce the most results

Results are these: traffic, leads, sales. Nothing else. Setting up a profile on a D-list social media profile doesn’t do a dang thing. Neither will tweaking a blog graphic, friending people on Facebook, or Googling “secret formula for extra cash in my bank account.”

I’m talking posting ads, writing content, submitting guest posts, crafting clever updates for Twitter and your Facebook Page, commenting on high-profile blogs, etc.

All your result-producing activities come first. Always. ALWAYS! You’ll be astonished at what you begin to accomplish.

Maybe you’ve heard of the vaunted “80/20 rule.” It’s the theory that 20% of your activities will produce 80% of your results. I’ve built my blog solidly on that credo because I don’t have time to flail about with time-sapping nonsense.

2. Create a To-Do List on a Whiteboard

I know that’s specific, but there’s something irrationally satisfying about wiping away an activity once finished. It’s fulfilling (like popping bubble-wrap, accept no one will yell at you to stop) and you’ll have a greater sense of accomplishment.

Your to-do list, along with your newly-formed devotion to result-producing activities (you’re welcome) will create a powerful one-two punch of insane results for your business.

Every day, you’ll be super-focused, moving from one activity to the next, all while engaged in activities that directly lead to traffic, leads, and sales.

Of course, sometimes you do have to tweak an image, but save these things for after you finish your power-packed to-do list.

That way, if you only have an hour or two in a day, you’ll automatically get more done, and you’ll be actively building your business. You’ll be able to stay away from those peripheral activities that are nice, but don’t put dollars in your pocket.

What do you think about these ideas? Are white boards or bubble wrap more fun?  Let me know in the comments!

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