Blog Content1. How-to

Our old friend, the how-to post. Super easy (I mean, just explain a process, right?) yet chock full of insane value.

2. Interview

A fantastic way to get content way above your pay grade. If you can persuade (sucker?) a big-time dude in your industry, you’ll get some money content that carries a higher perceived value than what you probably normally offer.

3. Numbered List

Kinda like this post! I love ‘em and I love to read ‘em. Bet you do to.

4. Biggest Mistakes

Anything that can make big-ol’-blog-owner-you seem more like regular-Joe-you is a good thing. You’ll seem real. It’s the same reason a ton of people like Batman more than Superman. Batman has his flaws yet overcomes them, while Superman is bulletproof, like literally.

5. Biggest Successes

Of course, only writing about your mistakes makes you seem like a failure. Flaunt your stuff from time to time to create the expert image you need to make sales.

6. Self-Audit

Seriously, whenever I see a blog title like “my stats from last month” or “my income report from last year” I’m clicking on it faster than a Baby Ruth clears a public pool.

7. Podcast

I’ve actually never done these, but I love listening to them. There’s something appealing about people being able to listen to you while they drive. It’s empowering knowing you have the power to cause car accidents if you scream really loud in the middle of your podcast.

8. Video

I have actually done this one before. Well, my wife used to make videos (usually after I wrote her a script). Often, we would slap together a PowerPoint based on a post we put together and film our desktop while she read through the presentation. Great for backlinks, and a great way to leverage the power of YouTube.

9. Product Review

Not only can you share useful info on products your peeps should use, but you can organically fit in affiliate links and make some dollars, yo.

10. Answer Common Questions

You’re either still a rookie, you were recently a rookie, or you vaguely remember being a rookie while you swim in your Scrooge McDuck pool of gold coins. Try to remember those dark times and pull out some questions that you had and answer those in posts.

11. Make Announcements

If your blog is still teensy you could announce other people’s stuff going on, like your idol releasing some new product. Down the road, you’ll be popular enough to announce your own events, products, and other good stuff.

12. Advertise Webinar

I’ve found that a good strategy for advertising a webinar is to write a quick blog post with the registration link.

13. Toolkit

Share your Batman utility belt of tools with your readers – people are always on the lookout for time-saving tools that generally make life worth living.

14. Share a Story

Once upon a time I told a story and my readers liked it. The end.

15. Share an Analogy

A good analogy is like eating a juicy steak. Wait, no it isn’t. If you can think of a great analogy that people identify with and relate it to your industry, people will flock like ants to a sticky baby.

16. Reading List

Another thing your readers are looking for – better places to read than your blog! Just kidding, but your readers love to see where you get your inspiration from. They’ll remember that you showed them valuable information and credit you as an information broker.

17. Blog Round-Up

A sneaky-good way to get on the radar of some top bloggers. Take that same blog reading list from above, and post the authors on your blog (with the name of their site). Then, you send that list to all those top bloggers, and hopefully they’ll link back to your post.

18. Common Mistakes

Kinda like the rookie questions from above, but specifically point out their mistakes. By poking their problems in the eye and then solving them, you’ll create relationships faster than any other way!

19. Rude Emails

Every prominent person on Earth gets hate mail. Sometimes, as a blogger, you’ll get some downright nasty emails. By sharing these, you’ll show that everything isn’t roses and some people hate your guts. Maybe these will get a laugh, but they’ll definitely catch your readers’ attention.

20. Productivity Tips

Pop quiz: how many books have been written about being productive. The answer? Roughly 17,000,000,000. Or so. Seriously though, you’ll be surprised at how many people latch onto your “how to get more done” type posts.

21. Contest

Contests are fun. They can be as simple as “whoever posts the best comment on this post wins XYZ.” You can do contests for best captions, best testimonials, or best moustache. Whatever floats your boat (and your readers’!).

22. Goals

One type of post that I ALWAYS look for are ones that show me milestones to expect. I want to compare my benchmarks to where others are, and to measure my goals with what others have achieved. LOVE me these types of posts.

23. My Future Business Strategies

I know you’ll probably have some feeling that you’re giving away trade secrets, but aren’t you supposed to give away the good stuff? By sharing some of your big picture ideas, you’ll help your readers understand why you’re doing what you do.

24. Newbie Post

Not everything you write has to be for the professional. Even if it seems crazy simple to you, there are people jumping online every day that want to learn the basics.

25. Case Study

Try something new, document what happens, and share it! Sometimes, these are even better if you fail – makes for a more entertaining read.

26. News

Sharing news might not be your blog’s reason for living, but in certain cases it works awesomely. For example, a tech blog would be a perfect atmosphere for sharing the latest thing Apple did, or how stupid some new technology is.

27. Predictions

These are difficult to pull off – but can instantly set you up as an expert(or soothsayer, one of the two). If you’ve been paying attention to the trends of your industry, and you think you can make an intelligent prediction, do it up!

28. Controversial Post

What are people always arguing about in your industry? Is it SEO? Is it whether pumpkins or squash are harder to grow?

Get those diehards fired up and write something that sets them gnashing their teeth!

29. Best Posts in Niche

I don’t know what else to call these, but it’s what I call them inside my brain. And this is my brain’s post, so there.

When you have an inkling of an idea, tell yourself that you’re going to write the definitive post on that topic in your entire niche. You’re going to write a post that people will link to, bookmark, and share. Keep writing it until it’s like ambrosia for your eyes.

30. Survey

This is the gift that keeps on giving! You write up a short intro, give a little survey, and then turn the results into more posts! You’re welcome.

31. Publish Guest Post

The ultimate way to be lazy and still have content on your site – just please, please, screen them and only take the best articles!

32. Recommendations

Nothing beats a good ol’ recommendation. We live in a social media driven world – some people can’t decide what to eat for breakfast until they ask their Twitter followers.

People go online and ask people they trust for recommendations. Your readers will come to trust you if they find your recommendations valuable.


People love quick pithy quotes that sum up a point in few words. You can take a single quote or a group of them and turn them into a great post.

34. Pop Culture References

One of my favorite authors ever is the Sports Guy, Bill Simmons. Not only is he a sports aficionado, but he knows pop culture like crazy. Sometimes he’ll make entire posts out of comparing athletes to characters, quotes, or situations from movies and TV shows. Adds another layer of interest besides his focal point of sports.

35. Answer Reader Comments

Reader-fueled blog content practically writes itself! Title each section a different question that you’ve received from a reader, and write out your answer. Easy peasy!

Can you think of any other content ideas? What’s worked for you?

Oh yeah, and could you share this post?

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